Meet our People – President Isabelle Duncan and our Trustees!

The President of the Trust is Isabelle Duncan

Isabelle Duncan is a leading woman cricketer and qualified coach, running her own cricket coaching organisation for boys and girls aged 4-13.
She was educated at Charterhouse and Durham University.

She captained an all-male (apart from her) side at Albury CC in the Surrey League and has played for numerous men’s and women’s teams over the past twenty years, including the MCC, the Bunburys, the Heartaches, the Invalids and the Nomads.

She is involved with the charity Chance to Shine bringing cricket into state schools and inner cities.

She is also a cricket commentator for BBC radio.

She was involved in the MCC debate to elect women in 1998 by appearing on the front cover of the then ‘Wisden Cricketer’ magazine wearing an MCC sweater. She has been a Full Member of the MCC since 2002, represents the club at both cricket and real tennis, and occasionally sits on a disciplinary panel (!). She is currently a member of the Main Committee at the MCC.



Her first book, Skirting the Boundary: A History of Women’s Cricket, was released in May 2013 and half of the royalties will be donated to Chance to Shine.

Isabelle succeeds Hugh Morris, Claire Taylor and Mike Gatting.



Top left to right:  Ron Paterson, Lyndon Thomas(retired), Chris Harris(retired), Bill Allen
Bottom left to right:  Ken Merchant(passed away), Alan Porter(retired), Jeff Barnes

Biographical Notes on the Trustees


Bill Allen OBE


Bill is a retired General Dental Practitioner who also served as Chairman of Council and President of the British Dental Association and a Councillor of the World Dental Federation.
A past Chairman of The Cricket Society.
He played cricket for The Society and his village Wickham Bishops until 2009.
He is a member of the MCC.A member of Essex CCC, and remains an enthusiastic advocate for leg-spin bowling.


Jeff Barnes (Treasurer and Secretary) 

Jeff is an Independent Financial Adviser and Managing Director of Grosvenor Beaumont Financial Services Limited and is also Managing Director of a business consultancy company Jeff Barnes International Limited.
Jeff is still playing cricket for his local club Potters Bar where he is also the club chairman and Hertfordshire Over 60s.
A qualified cricket coach and qualified cricket umpire, he is also Secretary and Treasurer of the Middlesex Cricket Coaches Association.
A former member of the Cricket Society Executive Committee, an associate member of the Cricket Writers Club.
A member of Middlesex CCC and a member of Surrey CCC.
Chairman of Middlesex Heritage and the Federation of Middlesex Sports


Geoff Hastings


On Monday 13th September, at the Northampton County cricket ground Geoff Hastings, a retired Stamford hotel owner, was  awarded a “Grassroots Cricket Award” by Cricket East, (a local arm of the ECB); a further thank-you award was given by the Border Counties Youth Cricket Association for Geoff’s work as chairman of the League.


Geoff Hastings receiving awards

Geoff Hastings has been involved in Junior cricket for thirty years, first as junior coach/organiser at Burghley Park cricket club in the 1990’s entering the club into the Border Counties Cricket Youth Association.
At the beginning of 2004, Geoff and Fred Trueman were thinking of starting a league for state schools. They approached schools and asked them for help and advice on the issues in playing cricket at these schools. Geoff was invited to become Chairman of the David Cross Schools Cricket League (later to become the Fred Trueman Schools Cricket League). Eventually in 2006 Geoff and Fred were ready to start with a committee of teachers and volunteers, inviting schools to participate. Together the committee set up a strategy to encourage schools to take part; they raised over £15,000 to purchase 36 cricket kits! Schools were approached in the Huntingdon cricket Board and South Lincs areas. Huntingdon Cricket Board helped out in all of this and ensured the administration and running of the league was successful. Under 13’s and under 15’s teams  have been playing ever since! Unfortunately, Covid 19 has prevented the games being played.

2022 will see the games resume again.

Furthermore the 2022 season is being planned and invitations will be going to nearly 50 schools in Stamford, Bourne Spalding Peterborough, Huntingdon, and Bedfordshire. Over the next six months fund raising efforts are being established to ensure every child boy or girl has the necessary kit to play the game of hard ball, limited-over cricket; this will end up in July 2022 with a festival of cricket ‘The Grand Finals’ in Bedfordshire and Stamford .

Border Counties Youth Cricket Association

Geoff was Chairman of the well-established and successful Youth League prior to his Chairmanship. This Association, which covers the area where four counties meet; Rutland, Northants, Cambs and Lincolnshire, was set up over over fifty years ago.

Children with learning difficulties

For the last four years Geoff and his wife, Trish, have organised cricket games for several Special Schools; the latest one was played in 2021 at Uffington Park Cricket Club in June.

Geoff serves as a Trustee of the National Cricket Society Trust, a charity which raises money for Youth Cricket and cricket for children with learning difficulties.

Geoff served two years as Burghley Park Cricket Club President and is an honorary member of York Wanderers Cricket Club.

To contact Geoff  please email him. He can also be contacted at 07889606371.

All funds donated need to be paid to The Cricket Society Trust.


Ronald Paterson (Chairman)


Ronald Paterson is a Solicitor and a Partner in Eversheds L.L.P.
He learnt to play cricket in Edinburgh nearly 50 years ago and has been playing ever since.
He is a member of numerous cricket clubs and the MCC and of the Membership and General Purposes Committee of the MCC.


Prior Trustees


Lyndon Thomas (retired)
Chris Harris (Retired)
Allan Porter (Retired)
Ken Merchant (Passed away)