History repeats itself – or so they say,

And it certainly did – yesterday,

The Battle of ‘HASTINGS’ – 1066,

A Battle at KIMBOLTON – ‘ROOT66’.

The finals – of the schools cricket league,

Teams from all over – no sign of fatigue.

Excited children – all rearing to go,

Bats – pads – gloves, balls fly to and fro.

Under 13 years – and 15’s as well,

When all togged up – it was hard to tell.

They battled hard – there’s prizes to win,

Desire – perspire – a laugh and a grin.

Batters clattered – balls round the ground,

Bowlers and fielders – “How’s that” the sound?

Girls teams were noisy – more a boy,

All good fun – win – loose – just enjoy.

Umpires and scorers – teachers and coaches,

Cheer the children, as lunchtime approaches.

Sandwiches, cake, cold drinks – soon gone,

Meringues, what meringues? Better move on!

‘Integrity in cricket’ – for young and old,

It was here today – let it be told.

What a day? The sun shone on all of us,

A joyful occasion – now back on the bus!

By C.A. Smith