Covid-19 has proved difficult for the Fred Trueman State Schools League. But a can do’ philosophy of Cricket East’s Damianne Redpath, Will Sneath and  Northants Cricket Board, Matt Long, have overcome the issues with a re-launch for the 2022  league; they have managed to sign up  teams from schools as far north as Spalding in Lincolnshire and south in Luton, Bedfordshire.

The league is the brain child of the late Fred Trueman MBE and Geoff Hastings. Geoff has recently won awards for encouraging children to play cricket, he has been responsible for introducing hard ball cricket to thousands of children free of any charge. Fred and Geoff got together originally to raise money for hard ball cricket kits, costing £500 per team, to supply to over 200 school teams from Scunthorpe to Luton. In 2022 the League is still donating kits to schools and also providing coaching. This effort then developed to setting up the state school leagues and financing them. Just after the League started David Steele, the President of the league, was heard to say to Sir Geoffrey Boycott at a fund-raising lunch in Stamford, “This Fred Trueman league has done more than most, to get children to play cricket in state secondary schools”. Sir Geoffrey Boycott supported the league by finding a gap in his busy schedule to give his time free at the fund raising lunch, as have many ex first class cricketers.

In 2022 money has been raised by The Cricket Society Trust to fund the league to help with kit, shirts, logistics and administration cost etc. Special rules will be available, if Covid is prevalent in the teams; it will allow teachers/coaches to drop the team numbers playing from the usual traditional 11-a-side teams to a minimum of 8 a side.  78 schools teams with over 900 children will be playing cricket in about 440 games of cricket over the summer term. All children are able to play in the leagues completely free of charge in ‘After-School clubs’.

To persuade teams back to cricket, the league has instituted a new competition for the overall winners of the 4 areas – Northants, South Lincolnshire, Peterborough & Huntingdon, Bedfordshire and a representative girls’ competition from each area. By kind permission of Kimbolton School on 14th July, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Cricket Festival will be held; these regional finals will be held with nine games of cricket being played on the day; there will be games for the Under-13s, Under15s and girls, to choose the ultimate 3 winning teams of the whole area. A special minted Jubilee coin will be given to the best bowler, best batter and best overall performance from all age groups. Together with cups and providing medals for all participants. R66T Joe Root’s Academy is putting on a competition in the nets with bowling machines at the Jubilee Festival on July 14th at Kimbolton School, any budding cricketer 16 and under is invited. 

This project means an enormous amount of finance. You can donate by visiting our donations processor, or visiting our site.

So . . .   a BIG thank you to our sponsors – The Cricket Society Trust; Laing Family Trust; Veronica Trueman; Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust; The Wilson Foundation; Alan & Angela Porter and ‘The Lottery Awards for All’, Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation and Cambridgeshire Community Foundation. Without them, hundreds of children will not have fun of playing in a team or experiencing the fun of cricket!

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